Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ancient Pre-Mayan Underwater City found Submerged off Cuban Coast

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In search of a Sunken Island Near Cuba: Evidence for Existence of a Flooded Civilization of “Prehistory ..... Page 19

Science and Investigation

by, Hernán Casares Camera

12,000 years ago, a powerful volcanic eruption sank an island between Yucatan and Cuba, where a "prehistoric" civilization bloomed prior to the Mayan Civilization,according to a scientific theory investigators from several countries will try to demonstrate during an underwater expedition this month.

"I at heart, see a great similarity between our findings under the sea and the structure and characteristics of some monuments of the archaeological zone of Dzibichaltún" asserted the scientist, Paulina Zelitsky.

Our geologist, doctor Manuel Iturralde, an internationally recognized authority in this field, suggested that the recently discovered structures could belong to an island located between Cuba and Yucatan, which was sunk 10,000 or 12,000 years because of a seismic cataclysm.

An indication that this cataclysm did occur and collapsed the entire surface are the stones we extracted from the ocean which showed concentrations of fossilized animals, specifically of escaramujos, a crustacean that lives solely to two meters of depth. How do we explain its presence at 900 meters of depth?

I don’t want to appear to be a fortune teller said the investigator, but I believe there will prove to be sufficient scientific evidence to confirm our theory that there, near Cuba, is a sunken island, containing the remains of a prehistoric civilization?


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I'd like to know more if possible, sounds like a possible island, the myth becomes the legend and the legend becomes the myth

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